survival sur‧viv‧al [səˈvaɪvl ǁ sər-] noun
1. [uncountable] the state of continuing to exist, even though a situation is difficult:

• The change of strategy will ensure the firm's economic survival.

• Survival in commercial business often depends on a company's ability to expand its product line.

2. survival of the fittest a situation in which only the strongest and most successful people, organizations etc continue to exist:

• In today's business climate, survival of the fittest means survival of the fastest to respond to the changing market.

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survival UK US /səˈvaɪvəl/ noun [U]
the state of continuing to exist, and not to fail or be destroyed: »

His main concern is to ensure his own political survival.


The survival of the company in such difficult economic times is very uncertain.

survival of the fittest — Cf. survival of the fittest

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